So, What’s new?

June 2020

High-Tech Park companies

The park is full of new companies alongside the established companies that continue to grow and thrive. The companies recruit many High Tech employees from the surrounding area, forming a community and an ecosystem. The first building is now over 90% capacity, and the second building will soon open.

  • 300 Employees
  • 18 Companies
  • 9 Technological Start-ups
  • 3 Companies with more than 60 employees
  • 4 Companies with head-offices in central Israel
  • Semiconductor

  • E-commerce

  • Marketing Tech

  • Medical

  • Hidrophonic

  • Smart Mobility

  • Architecture

  • Business Intelligence

  • Digital Marketing

  • Eenergy

  • Medical

  • Medical

  • Security

  • AI

  • Media Production

  • HR

  • Hardware

  • Robotics

"This is the place to meet many up and coming businesses from varied fields: medicine, drones, robots, agriculture, AI and more. It is exciting to see more and more people from the Arab community starting to build their start-up companies and witness already established projects” “The buildings are up there with other High Tech facilities around the world; a meeting of High Tech and nature"

Mahmud Abullhiga

Sc.D. Senior researcher at Adva Technologies

"We are proud of the fact that here in the north we are able to recruit workers that are just as talented as those found in Tel Aviv. There is a real High Tech vibe here, as is agreed by all companies who visit. We have what it takes to succeed, and the fact that it is happening in the north makes it really special."

Michael Bezov

Senior Product Manager, Moovex

"There are a lot of talented Engineers in our Druze community. The fact there is now a High Tech park here in the north has exposed us to new worlds that were quite hidden from us. Everyone says there are good jobs in the center, and that it is hard to find them in the north, but this is no longer true. As more and more companies are building their homes here, the database of disciplines grows and with it our community. I feel privileged to be a part of this place. Having a variety of different individuals all sitting in the same open-space, is exciting and motivating."

Husam Ibrahim

Linux developer, Agwa Farm

"A year ago I completed my academic training, and I found my first job in this industry, in a start-up company. We built a lab from scratch, here in the north, and as we host those who visit to learn about our company, we are also inviting them to discover this magical place; the special, scenic space where we can expand our horizons. We have here a wide variety of professionals: engineers, biologists, Database specialists and more. This diverse mix brings new ideas, a new engine, a pleasant atmosphere and a place to turn to for advice."

Ofir Levin, M.Sc.

Development researcher, Adva Biotechnology

The north is full of talent

and worth

Human Capital

As part of our vision, The Hgh Tech Park brings leading High Tech companies up north, which recruit local workers to create meaningful social diversity.

  • 2000Applicants
  • 10High Tech community managers
  • 7Up and coming companies, working on opening a northern branch
  • 1300Participants
  • 1200CVs
  • 15Leads of interested companies from central Israel
  • 14High Tech stands

Hot new High-Tech jobs are coming to the north

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A physical and communal infrastructure for companies and entrepreneurships

International business compounds are producing the physical and communal infrastructure needed for optimal working space of Hgh Tech companies, while maximizing their chances of success. The compounds pursue the Park’s vision to allow companies a smooth, personalized transition up north, with growth and progress opportunities that suit their needs. The first two floors are full of ventures and branches of companies from central Israel, we are now expanding to aditional “Enterprize” working spaces.

  • NoRisk
  • NoObligation
  • NoInvestment
  • 1,740Sq. Meters
  • Personalized Space
  • Flexible and promising growth opportunities

The Bar Lev High Tech Park vision

  • To contribute to the economic and social development of the northern periphery, for the benefit and wellbeing of diverse local communities.

  • To establish a northern Hgh Tech center and an international ecosystem, to act as a regional engine of growth by bringing new investments, companies and people.

  • To educate and inform global companies of the advantages of northern Israel and encourage their involvement in the area.

  • To develop a product portfolio that offers each High Tech company personalized and flexible service, meeting their needs and assisting their growth.

The regional impact of the High Tech Park

  • 5000 High Tech jobs
    Thousands of accompanying positions

  • Increased demand for technological positions
    Better employment opportunities improve regional technological training

  • Business tourism
    From within and outside Israel, encouraging local businesses

  • Increased demand for regional transportation services
    And with it a drive for better supply of services

  • Hundreds of millions of shekels invested in local development
    Pushing the market forward and promoting economic growth

  • More international High Tech companies
    Bringing investors and costumers closer to all regional High Tech centers

  • Empowering local communities
    Promoting better social diversity and better vocational mobility

  • Giving our children a way back home
    And at the same time, inviting new High Tech families

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